Top Places to Travel With Your Girlfriends

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Even if we love our boyfriends and our families, there’s obviously something special about a girl-gathering! Not a cliché but a fact: some activities are truly meant to be enjoyed between girls. No offense boys, but most of you don’t really want to binge-watch Gossip Girl while doing face-masks and eating sushi after a long shopping day.

Even better than sa girls night in, there’s something even more exciting to plan for you and your girl squad: A Getaway!

How amazing does it sound? Are you already dreaming of a white-sand beach on an exotic island lost in the ocean? Or a shopping getaway to a vibrant new city?

Traveling with your girl gang is the perfect time for you to go extra-girly and to do any activity you always wanted to: shopping, skincare, spa day. However, when picking a destination, you might be overwhelmed by such an endless scope of possibilities — cities, beaches, a cross-country road trip. Well, don’t panic, we have a large list of safe and fun destinations for you ladies:


French Polynesia

If you’re looking for the perfect island-getaway and you need to totally escape and disconnect from reality with you girls while enjoying water activities such as scuba-diving or jet-skiing.

Costa Rica

If you’re looking for a happy place to relax and enjoy the sun between a spa session and a swim, Costa Rica is meant for you and your girls. Additionally, Costa Rica is also known as the happiest country in the World.


If you want to escape to somewhere exotic without spending too much on your trip. Malta is known to be cheap but beautiful and lively. You’ll be able to enjoy the beach as much as the nightlife.


If you want a very peaceful getaway mainly filled with sunbathing and hikes with your girls.



If you want to take style-risks and discover crazy trends while experiencing a whole new culture and trying amazing food before spending the night singing at a Karaoke club.


If you want to upgrade your wardrobe while getting brunch and taking leisurely strolls to discover this beautiful city. The nightlife is amazing in London, so you’ll have many opportunities to wear your brand new clothes when going out to dance all night.


If you want a pinch of French elegance in your closet. Paris also offers a lot of cultural activities such as museums or historical monuments. But honestly, the city itself is a museum, be ready to carry your shopping bags during long walks along the Seines from one delicious café to the other.


If you want your girl trip to blend the latest fashion trends to the oldest monuments and cultural activities of Europe. Not to mention, some of the best Italian food which is reasoning enough to visit Milan.


If you’re looking for THE city combining shopping, beach, culture, and nightlife. Barcelona has everything to offer as long as you always keep an eye on your shopping bags.



Especially the island of Maui, which is known to have some of the best resorts with award-winning Spas. In Hawaii, the outdoor activities are always health-centered: walks in the jungle to find secret waterfalls, hikes in the mountains, snorkeling the reefs, or beach yoga.


The perfect destination for you and your girls if you want to emerge your squad into meditation and spirituality through temple visits, jungle hikes and relaxing wild beaches. In Bali, you’ll feel so far from home.

Big Sur — California

If you want to be blown away by jaw-dropping views while enjoying the great nature’s calmness and luxurious spa services in one of the many exclusive resorts Big Sur has to offer.



If you still plan on waking up before 3 to do some shopping and visit this beautiful city and its canals. Otherwise, you’ll feel completely comfortable being a night bird in this beautiful and animated city known to be welcoming and fun!


If you want to enjoy the best DJ sets of your life in some of the world’s largest nightclubs while enjoying a continuous luxury lifestyle day and night, even (not to say especially) at the beach.


If you liked all of the above except the luxury side and you’re looking for a more laid-back mood for you and your girl squad. Beaches in Croatia are very beautiful and the weather is simply delightful.



If you want to discover different cultures in one same huge country which has so many different landscapes and activities to offer. From shopping, to boat trips, and whale watching tours, Canada will not fail to amaze you.


If the whole goal of your girl’s trip is to drive and discover peaceful and breathtaking sceneries, before stopping to a few cute little cities for some shopping and food tasting.

New Zealand

If you’re looking for adventure and exotism. If you and your girls like walking and hiking, you’ll be pleased by New Zealand, its hikes, its wild beaches, its forests, and its fjords… There’s so much to discover in New Zealand.


If you want to bring your ladies to a unique and exotic destination combining wellness and adventure. Indeed, Iceland has some of the best natural thermal baths in the world and if you’re lucky you can even see the northern lights.

Namibia and Zambia

If you’re more of a warm-weather person and an animal lover. As one of the most popular safari-destinations, Namibia and Zambia overflow with wild exotic creatures protected in huge nature reserves where you can take a treck and stay at a luxurious Lodge in the middle of the Jungle. How exotic?! How adventurous?!

The California Coasts

If you want to discover different landscapes and different city vibes. California is so broad that you obviously can’t compare San Diego to San Fransisco, however, you’ll probably love both. A Girly-Cali road trip will take you to form fancy cities to dramatic wild beaches in only a few miles.


If you want to plan a longer road trip. Indeed, there’s so much to see, so much to discover, and so much to experience all of the Australian cities which are very different. Even the weather completely changes from one city to the next. Enough to satisfy everyone!

So, where will you and your girls go first?




Welcome to my crazy world that combines my love for entrepreneurship, events, weddings, travel, luxury, hospitality, #bossbabe, wifey and more

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Life of Lauren G

Life of Lauren G

Welcome to my crazy world that combines my love for entrepreneurship, events, weddings, travel, luxury, hospitality, #bossbabe, wifey and more

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